Addis Happening Magazine! Portraying Ethiopia !

በአንጋፋው ደራሲ አዳም ረታ የተጻፈው “መረቅ” የተሰኘ የረጅም ልቦለድ መጽሃፍ ሰሞኑን በገበያ ላይ ይውላል፡፡ ለደራሲው ስምንተኛው የሆነው ይሄው መፅሃፍ፤ ከስድስት መቶ በላይ ገጾች ያሉት ሲሆን፣ በቅርቡ ለገበያ እንደሚውል ታውቋል፡:
The stadium will be the headquarters to the Federal Sport Commission.
Inter Continental Hotels Group has signed a management agreement with Tsemex Hotels & Business Plc to develop Crowne Plaza Addis Ababa.
New United Bank of Addis Ababa HQ to be constructed
The ChuanHui International Tower to be coined the new " Meles Zenawi International Center"
Nib Bank, Nib Insurance to Launch a half a billion Dollar HQs Construction on RasAbebe Road
ዓርብ መስከረም 9 ቀን 2007 ዓ.ም በ12 ሰዓት ከምሽቱ፣ በዋቢ ሸበሌ ሆቴል ይመረቃል፡፡
የሰዓሊ አገኘሁ አዳነ “ቃልና ምስል” የተሰኘ የሥዕል ትርኢት በጋለሪያ ቶሞካ ተከፈተ::
“The success Journey” በኢ/ር ኢዮብ ብርሃኑ “የስኬት ጉዞ” ተብሎ ወደ አማርኛ ተተርጉሞ ሰሞኑን ለንባብ ቀርቧል፡፡
Somali native’s vocalists and art professionals will take part in the upcoming program which will be transmitted live!
Blessed with a soaring, immensely powerful and velvety voice, Rada´s soulful compositions take funky R&B grooves and add light jazzy Ethiopian flairs.
New Hotel that is designed fit to accommodate presidents, diplomats and business travelers from all over the world.
“Consistency in good quality of products we present to our clients”