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“የዮድ አቢሲኒያዋ እመቤት” የሚል ቅፅል ስም በተሰጣት የባህል ዘፋኝ እመቤት ነጋሲ የተዘጋጀው “ሰንደዓ በል” የተሰኘ የሙዚቃ አልበም ባለፈው እሁድ በዮድ አቢሲኒያ የባህል ምግብ አዳራሽ ተመርቋል። አልበሙን ለማዘጋጀት ከ250ሺህ ብር በላይ እንደወጣበትም ተገልጿል፡፡ ድምፃዊ ፀጋዬ እሸቱን ጨምሮ በርካታ አርቲስቶች በተገኙበት የተመረቀው አልበሙ፤ በዕለቱ ለታዳሚዎች በሽያጭ ቀርቧል፡፡
The Addis International Festival kicked off on Saturday June 07, 2014 at the Italian Cultural institute and will stay on until June 11th 2014.
The cobblestone project is implemented by local communities themselves assigning their representative to work alongside the city administration
Ambassador of France to Ethiopia Brigitte Collet, along with Stse minister of education Faud Ibrahim, presented certificates to 20, 11th grade students who participated in a trial French language course given at Minellik II Secondary and Primary School.
a solo exhibition by Tibebe Terffa SPIRIT featuring recent paintings and earlier paper works
Addis Happening caught up with Vincent to find out about his incredible journey.
Radisson Blu hotel Addis Ababa is hosting an art exhibition of paintings 
by Abraham Abebe, Kidist Brhane and Merid Tafesse.
will be exhibiting over 60 paintings entitled “Background #1” under the theme reflecting the artist’s explorations
Featuring Michael Tsegaye, Tamrat Gezahegn & Tewodros Hagos titled "Cutting Edge"Opening reception on Saturday March 8th 2014, from 3pm onward. Exhibition runs till March 30th 2014.
The Addis Ababa City Light Rail will be able to carry 286-317 passengers at a time.This 1st phase construction is intended to complete by the end of 2007 E.C. The two line rail tracks extend 16.35kms from east to west direction
Acacia Jazz & world music Festival, now in it's 5th year, is organized to promote music, family, community, and culture. It has become one of the most anticipated festivals in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
Addis Addis is a portrait canvassed over the course of seven years