Executive chef

Executive chef

In this business the key factor is consistency; consistency in good quality of products we present to our clients” claims Mesfin Kebede an Executive chef at the Radisson Blu Hotel Addis Ababa who has worked with food for the last 40 years. Born in Ethiopia his travels have taken him from Middle East to Europe to United States and Canada. A big fan of fresh food, together with his team, he has managed to keep the Verres en Vers restaurant as fine French cuisine destination for the city with wine and cocktail choices to compliment it.

Tell me your background? Where did you take your trainings? 

CHEF MESFIN: I had a training on food preparation here in Addis Ababa 40 years back, then later on hotel management course in Italy, pastry preparation in Montreal Canada, food preparation and beverage management in lux, Swiss and culinary institute of America on Food and kitchen dessert preparation and many other training. My training on pastry in Montreal and participation of my international competition like in New York and Chicago did help me to master good knowledge in the field.

Tells us a bit about the new menu introduced in the Signature bar and Verres en Ver restaurant? What makes it different from the previous menus?

CHEF MESFIN: The new menu at the signature bar is tailored to those who enjoy light and healthy food. We do believe Light and healthy food doesn’t have to be bland and boring, we make the difference by flavoring dishes to fit the palate of our guests. The Verres en Vers restaurant menu on the other hand is for those who would like to take their time to appreciate gourmet dishes with rich flavors and varieties like a French brassiere. In both menus we have added new dishes while we keep the famous ones. I do believe with our new menus we are able to meet people’s expectation with the texture, freshness and nutritional value of our five star dishes.

What do you think makes the Radisson Blu hotel Addis Ababa in particular the Verres en Vers Restaurant and Signature bar stand out from other restaurants and bars in the city?

CHEF MESFIN: We pride ourselves in offering a very reliable service with our YesICan! Service concept, regular changes of menu, international level of food safety applied in the kitchens (HACCP,) definitely aimed at business patrons; changing our buffet every day, along with the ambiance and modern design of the hotel, we believe we are able to win the trust of many high level regular customers helping us standout amongst many bars and restaurants in the city

Whats is the best compliment you have ever received?

CHEF MEFIN: Once when I was a Pastry Chef in Bermuda “The Sonesta hotel and spa” we had these guests who actually start their buffet dinner by taking the dessert then go for their salads and main dishes because the pastries were very good.