Girl Hub Ethiopian Yegna- Ethiopias First Teen Brand!

Girl Hub Ethiopian Yegna- Ethiopias First Teen Brand!

Girl Hub is a strategic collaboration between the Department for International Development and the Nike Foundation, designed to bring together the expertise of both organizations to transform the lives of adolescent girls. Girls are a proven force for change and the catalyst to end intergenerational poverty for good. Girl Hub currently operates in Rwanda, Nigeria and Ethiopia, and is headquartered in London where we also do work for Kenya, DRC and other countries.

Shifting social norms driving better investment for girls, Girl Hub works to accomplish the goal to see girls graduate from secondary school, marry and have children when they are ready, be healthy and free of violence, and be able to earn and save for the future. To achieve this, Girl Hub has placed a significant focus on unlocking insights.

Everything we do is built on what the girls tell us they need and what they tell us will work for them.
Work focuses in four areas:

ADVOCACY:  Bringing girls voices to the forefront and involving them in the design and implementation of policies.
BRANDED COMMUNICATION:  Developing social communications to inspire and engage girls.
STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIPS: Informing and influencing decision makers to invest in effective policies and programmes that benefit girls programmes that benefit girls.
INSIGHTS & DATA: Creating robust data and evidence to track the impact of our work for girls.


GIRL HUB-ETHIOPIA  work with policy makers, donors and partners in the private sector, who can deliver large-scale programs and ensure girls are at the heart of the development agenda in Ethiopia.

Girl Hub Ethiopia commissioned the study Girls and Income Growth in Ethiopia to identify the main country-specific constraints to higher return investments in girls, using a framework of macroeconomic and household level analysis. The framework captures how households make decisions, how they interact with markets and institutions to determine gender-based outcomes, and how policy can affect these interactions and, ultimately, gender-based outcomes.

To understand how Ethiopia can benefit the most from a demographic dividend, the report includes analysis of data on girls education attainment and learning outcomes, marriage and fertility rates, migration and access to basic services. An analysis of infrastructure, market access, wages and employment segregation, and the information and communication technology (ICT) and export sectors provide further data on areas for strategic investment that will create new opportunities and improve the lives of girls while enhancing income growth in Ethiopia.

The report will now be used to develop a series of targeted recommendations to inform government, policy influencers and agencies implementing programming for girls.


YEGNA, which means ours in Amharic, is Girl Hub Ethiopias flagship radio drama, talk show and music platform that champions girls and creates a national conversation about their potential. The radio drama and talk show address issues such as violence against girls, child marriage, teenage pregnancy and school attendance. To do this, it uses female and male role models to shift attitudes and behaviors towards girls. YEGNA music drives listeners to the radio drama and talk show. Every song aims to inspire girls and the lyrics send a message about their potential.
In order to reach girls in some of the most remote parts of Ethiopias Amhara region, actresses from the Yegna radio drama and talk show, travelled to and performed in 11 towns. In Injibara, a remote rural town 450km from Addis Ababa, they met five girls who were so inspired by Yegna they set up a tribute band.

It was an emotional moment when Yegna and the five girls came together on the stage and performed in front of 10,000 people! But, this is what Yegna is all about ñ bringing people together to celebrate the power and potential of Ethiopian girls.

The ROAD SHOW surprise performance
Yegna embarked on an exciting three-week tour of Ethiopias Amhara region to promote the start of series three of the radio drama and talk show and drive listenership in hard-to-reach rural areas.

To launch the Yegna roadshow, the girls put on a surprise performance singing six of their songs at a school in the center of Addis Ababa.

Students emerged from their classes at lunchtime, to find that their playground had been transformed by the Yegna band on stage.
Yegna is now being broadcast in more than 8,000 schools across the Amhara region and students at 200 schools are being encouraged to set up Yegna clubs to discuss issues raised by the drama.

Girl Hub Ethiopia recently formed a partnership with Peace Corps to provide Yegna content for their gender clubs.

Peace Corps Ethiopia has more than 250 volunteers in four regions: SNNPR, Amhara, Oromia and Tigray. Gender and Development is one of its cross-sector initiatives, meaning volunteers from every sector incorporate GAD projects into their work.

In March 2014, Girl Hub Ethiopia supported volunteers with the GAD Committees first Action for Gender Equality Summit.

A few weeks later, they prepared 250 Gender Club kits for every Peace Corps Volunteer in country. The materials included series one and two of the Yegna radio drama as well as Yegna music. Volunteers across the country are already starting to use the materials with existing gender clubs and are creating new clubs based around the kits.

The Girl Hub materials were now using in our clubs have made a big difference. They mean girls aren't confronted with someone from outside bringing up tricky issues.

Alliance to End Child Marriage
Girl Hub Ethiopia is working with the Ethiopian government and national and international organizations to build the National Alliance to End Child Marriage. The Amhara region has the highest rate of child marriage in sub-Sahara Africa. A survey in 2010 found 52% were married by the age of 15 (UNFPA/Pop Council Gender Survey). The Alliance brings together a network of more than 50 partners to share their expertise, co-ordinate efforts on the ground and influence policymakers to maximize impact for girls.

10 teenage girls from the Amhara region of Ethiopia had their say on how to design projects to help end child marriage.

Girl Hub Ethiopia hosted a four-day workshop in Bahir Dar March 2014 with the Girl Effect University and the Ministry of Women, Children and Youth Affairs. The girls, aged between 14 and 16, participated in activities and discussions every step of the way. Representatives from local and regional government and many different organizations including Care, Pathfinder Ethiopia, Plan International, Population Council, Save the Children, the UK Department for International Development, UNFPA and UNICEF took part in the name of strengthen partnerships and share learning and ideas about working with girls in Ethiopia

I will marry when I complete my education. Finding a husband is as easy as catching flu.
Said one of the girls taking part the workshop.

The workshop focused on the four principles of girl-centered design:
Girls who don't go to school or study very little are most at risk of early marriage. These girls are harder to find and will not be reached by programmes in schools.
Teenage girls are best positioned to speak about their aspirations and the barriers they face in life. They can offer inspiring solutions.
Use girls voices in design by collecting their stories through qualitative techniques. Listen to girls, alongside professional opinion and specialist knowledge to guide the programme content.
Girl centered design is a process ñ not a final, finished product. It's important to actively listen to girls, learn what is working and make changes where necessary.

Girl Hub Ethiopia also began a new partnership with the Amhara Women's Association to increase listenership in areas where radio ownership is low. We hope the partnership will encourage people to listen to the Yegna programme together, by establishing 42,000 listening groups with more than a million members.

Early indications from our first listenership survey published in September last year, show that Yegna is growing a loyal fan base with 39% of listeners tuning into the Yegna radio drama every single week. Meanwhile, 44% of listeners said that Yegna made it easier for them to discuss life issues with their parents. The results of our next listenership survey are out this autumn.


Girl Hub's success relies on its people. Whatever the position, each and every employee shares the same passion and belief that adolescent girls are the most powerful force for change on the planet.  Not only do we seek candidates with solid education and relevant experience, but also the drive and ambition to create change.  At Girl Hub you can expect a working environment characterized by energy and driven by ideas. If you have the right mix to help us accomplish our goals, we strongly encourage you to apply.

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