Musician Mikaya Behailu Passed Away

Musician Mikaya Behailu Passed Away

Only in her mid-thirties, a mother to her one daughter, Musician Mikaya Behailu, passed away this December 24, 2013 and she will be forever missed.

Inevitable death is a visitor that comes for us and we’re never ready for that surprise company. It is but one sure thing in life yet it leaves us in awe as if it were a discovery we just stumbled upon.
Mikaya Behailu acquired her B.A Degree in Ethiopian Language Literature and Culture Communication and was working to complete her masters in “Journalism and Communications” before she passed. She was working to start a television program revolving around Culture and Language.
Mikaya loved music and music loved her. Her passion for music was conceived back when she was only a toddler. She started writing songs when she was in high school. Working full time and attending night classes at Addis Ababa University for the next seven years, she never stopped singing, she says “I’m addicted to music”.

After a long journey, she released her first Album in 2007 entitled ሸማመተዉ ("Shemametew"). It comprises eleven numbers eight of which were written by herself and the other three in collaboration with her producer Elias Melka. This album portrayed her unique voice introducing a new and fresh style of singing contributing to Ethiopian music in a big way. Her Album had her nominated in the 2010 Kora Music Awards.

She graced us with her unique and melodious voice and so we pass our deepest condolences to her family, friends and fans all around.
But nevertheless we must remember to remember; and remember the best of those we have lost, then time will do its part in easing the pain. By celebrating the life of our lost ones we will be capturing them in timelessness to propagate their existence into forevermore!