New Tower to be coined -Meles Zenawi International Center

New Tower to be coined -Meles Zenawi International Center

In tribute the late Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, the announced details regarding the planned project for the building of the “ ChuanHui International Tower” in addis Ababa run by the giant Guangdong ChuanHui Group has expressed the consideration to rename the Tower as the “Meles Zenawi International Centre”.

Guangdong ChuanHui Science and Technology Development Group Co., Ltd.,

Founded in 1989, referred to as ChuanHui Group, it is one of the Guangdong Province earliest private group companies. The company was later in 1990 established  and registered as "ChuanHui Industrial Co., Ltd., with its development and several renaming of the establishment, in1999 it was finally officially renamed as "ChuanHui, Guangdong Science and Technology Development Group Co., Ltd., and has been in use ever since.
The 41,000 sq m of land acquired in the Urael district region for the purpose of building the complex will be an astounding 99 floor rise to a total height of 448 meters!

The Tower will occupy floors 78 to 94 with 5 star quality 217 rooms managed by Park Hyatt hotel group,with at least five restaurants serving international taste cuisine, Chinese , Ethiopian, Italian, and Modern cuisine, as well as a coffee shop and a café.

The three ground levels and two basement levels will have 27,000 m2 of retail space capable of accommodating around 60 international brand stores, such as Woolworth's, Nando's, Nakumatt, Kaldi's Coffee, and several other luxury international brands.

Floors 3 to 55 will be premium office space. There are possible plans for a revolving, or at least roof top, restaurant and lounging area. There will be 2,600 m2 assigned for conference space including  a plenary hall, a grand ball room, and many more conference and breakout rooms.

Another interesting element to the tower will be the planned 10, 000m garden grounds and the 1,100-spot underground parking space! As a public service, a 1,500 m2 library will be included in the project.

Guangdong ChuanHui Science and Technology Development Group Co., Ltd., also plans to further its projects involving several other sectors within Ethiopia.
The five projects planned range in tremendous variety and are bold statements showcasing their serious interest as they cover sectors from the hospitality industry to automotive maintenance to building the largest diesel generatoe supply-maintenance center.

The Chuanhui Industry Zone is planned to be the largest cement production zone in Ethiopia with a total of 60 hectars area coverage. The self-built cement plant will continue to attract foreign investors and foreign capitals to expand the scale the cement production as far as possible.

Park Hyatt Addis Ababa hotel is said to be built worthy to become the landmark in Ethiopia. The area of the land is around fifty thousand square meters. Once completed, it will provide and create working opportunities for our locals and will also promote the development of local tourism.

Guangdong Chuanhui Group has reached the cooperative agreement with Shandong Zibo Diesel Generator Corporation to build the biggest Diesel Generator Supply-Maintenance Center in Ethiopia.

Furthermore, Guangdong Chuanhui Group will cooperate with JAC Group to explore the automotive market in building an Automotive Supply and Maintenance Center.

Finally, Guangdong Chuanhui group will again collaborate with Hyatt Corporation to build the Hyatt Regency hotel in the new Addis Ababa Exhibition Center.