Somali State culture, history promotional program to be conducted

Somali State culture, history promotional program to be conducted

Hibir Ethiopia Arts and Research Committee announced that a program aimed at promoting Somali State cultural and historical values would be held August 25, 2013 here in Addis. Somali native’s vocalists and art professionals will take part in the upcoming program which will be transmitted live!
Music can be considered as one of the best means to describe and understand the culture and identity of a certain community. One can say the cultural development of a society may well be reflected in all its traditional musical expression.

As music is the international language, its fluency solely depends on the effectiveness of it being able to represent the very essence of a society’s cultural face, portraying the traditional values and social trends through unique presentation through movements of rhythm and dance, traditional wear, local instruments and lyric and such.

With this in mind, artefacts, research works, stage shows and workshops are among the activities expected to take place in the program which is also meant to strengthening people-to-people ties.
A joint press conference was held with the House of Federation Speaker Kasa Tekle-Birhan and Hibir Ethiopia Arts and Research Committee leadership members, Sertse Firesibhat and Tesfaye Shimelis disclosing details of the proposed grand event, it was announced that exhibitions and events revolving around Somali culture and history would be presented where artists will showcase their works on the event based on their recent observation of the historical sites in the state in connection with the 8th Nations, Nationalities and Peoples Day celebration.

Via their works they are expected to depict the history, culture and music of the Somali people. Somali native vocalists and art professionals will take part in the upcoming program which will be transmitted live.
The official formation of Hibir Ethiopia Arts and Research Committee; Addis Ababa University Art Institutions, politics and history researchers, professional associations and renowned artists had traveled to visit the Somali state recently.

Among the committee members who visited, renowned artist Chachi Tadesse shared her experience of her stay describing the experience as unforgettable and intriguing! Speaking highly of their hospitality, she stated further that it was a great opportunity as the remote areas they traveled to have been under turmoil for so long closing off any opportunity for any casual visit.

Experiencing firsthand the peoples traditions straight from the locals themselves, Chachi had the opportunity to deeply inquire and learn about their traditions, traditional music and dance with the little time the trip had offered. She learnt that the locals were pleased with the young generations’ effort towards improving and introducing their cultural music and dance making it more popular adding to the old and limited expressions they previously performed.
Their traditional music and dance was a delightful surprise incorporating movements of the neck, shoulder, waist, hand and feet. She learnt what she could of the beautiful rhythm and dance gaining raw experience from the locals. From her extensive international exposure & experience, she believes that it has great potential in developing into something that can catch attention impressing and gaining acceptance internationally with some arrangements and experiment with the original composition from an artistic point of view.

Ethiopian Musicians association deputy president Sertse Fresebhat, shared his personal experience of this trip to Somalia. He said this trip presented a once in a lifetime opportunity by which he got to experience Somalia in depth within the limited time this trip offered discovering a new and undiscovered music style and genre. He further explained his finding saying he got the opportunity in noticing the “paliphony” in the Somali music and the “harmonic minor scale”.

The trip also involved looking into and commending the efforts in works towards progress in fighting and teaching against harmful traditional practices in these remote areas visited.
Music has a great influence and can be used to influence in the teaching against the eradication of the harmful traditional practices and upon return from their trip the committee members promise to work up a plan to materializing a project towards this cause.

A travel story book written based on the recent visit of the artists to the Somali State will be published, they added.
The committee leadership members said that the 8th NNP Day will be marked in early December 2013.
Following the musical concert, a workshop aimed at strengthening arts would be held in the early weeks of the coming Ethiopian New Year, art workshop will be held. Similar programs would also be conducted in other states in the future, the committee members announced.