The sensational Guitar & Voice Duet Munit and Jörg

The sensational Guitar & Voice Duet Munit and Jörg

The Goethe-Institut Addis Ababa presents together with the Instituto Italiano di Cultura Addis Ababa; Munit and Jörg in concert.

Munit and Jorg have been flavoring the music scene with their unique blend o Ethio-Acoustic soul music playing original compositions as well as arrangements of classic works. The Guitar, Jorg and Voice; Munit have performed several times around the city and abroad creating a sound for all ears through a magical blend created from the mesh between the old and contemporary.

Munit Mesfin, a mother of two, is an economics and government graduate and the other half of the inspiring duet, Jorg Pfeil , a German national, a father of one, a sensational guitarist, and music teacher. After their meeting in 2007, they cooked up a sthier debut album entitled “Just the two of us”.

Gaining spectacular reviews, the fresh style and concept the album portrayed took them a long way from putting on shows in venues hosting live music around town to the international scene participating in festivals as guests on interviews. The Spanish festival ‘Vis a Vis’ initiative selected the duo amongst 15 competing bands to represent Ethiopia to perform at the 21st Canarias Jazz Y Mas Music Festival on three canary islands and at festival Etnosur and Pirineos Sur. They were also asked to perform in a “New Africa wave” concert in South Africa alongside top artists working the African Music Scene currently. Most recently they completed a 10 city tour in Germany where they were applauded and appreciated for the unique and tasteful flair their music portrayed.

What is most special about the duet is the guarantee that you will be ENTERTAINED! Munits stage persona emanates a soothing and comfortable vibe and an undeniable gift she has to entertain a crowd of all ages. Loveable Munit owns such a melodious voice capable of carrying the Ethiopian and English tone so perfectly and fluently its incredible. Jorg is a personality anyone will enjoy with his tall lean physique hunching over his guitar playfully luring your attention to finally find yourself pleasantly amused by his incredible talent. He also plays in a jazz/blues fusion band called the “Jazzmaris”.

They have quite a large fan base locally and abroad enjoying the exposure from bieng featured on all media outlets here local and international such as VOA, BBC Africa and the like.

Their second album was released this March 2014 at the National Theatre entitled “፪:: 2” packed with their dedicated fans who have been awaiting this disclosure of their next work. Robel Mahari, a guest artist had accompanied their performance on the opening.

The Album consists of 14 tracks nine of which are originals and the remaining tracks are a remake of favorite Ethiopian classics (the legendary Asnakech worku and children rhymes).

One can say Munit and jorg have greatly contributed to the colorful live music scene here and am sure have influenced many up and coming artists to be brave with their music and talent and share with us a unique flavor to add to our live music scene.